Soaring Market Prices

Soaring Market Prices 

And Our Dedication To Providing Premium #1 Alaskan Halibut 

As one of our loyal customers, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the increase in price of our Halibut over the past few years.  Some patrons have even voiced their opinions online:

“Not good like it use to be cut down on the size of the fish all batter”

Truth is, our original Halibut dinner has been the same ¼ thick premium #1 Alaskan Halibut that has made Pat & Hank’s famous. Due to steadily increasing Halibut prices over the past 10 years we’ve introduced specialty cuts for our 1,2,and 3 piece meals to help combat cost and continue to provide you with choice cuts of halibut.

With the increasing dangers of over fishing, specifically in the past couple years, prices have skyrocketed to such heights that many restaurants are opting for cheaper substitutions or simply eliminating halibut from their menu’s entirely, instead of suffering through these incredible price hikes.

Seeing as we at Pat & Hank’s have built a reputation on serving Windsor’s finest cut of Premium #1 Alaskan Halibut, we can’t find it in our hearts to cut this beloved treat from our menu. Though prices have risen extraordinarily high, we continue to provide you with our lowest possible pricing on your favourite halibut fish n’ chip meals.

As for our batter, it’s still the same delicious golden fried coating you’ve come to love over the past 60 years. But, for anyone looking for an alternative to the deep fryer we also offer a grilled or breaded option that you can try on any of our premium cuts of fish.  As well as many other healthy options for your next meal such as salad, rice, baked potato, or fresh steamed garden vegetables.

Have You Tried All Of Our Premium Seafood Selections? 

Though our halibut had made us famous, our selection is what keeps the customers coming back. Our wide variety of premium fish and seafood provide a number of choice alternatives to halibut’s rising prices.

We will continue to provide you the finest quality seafood at our most affordable prices and hope to for another 60 wonderful years.

We just thought you would be interested to know!

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